Captions are an integral part of an Instagram post. Simply put, knowing how to write good Instagram captions will help add that “zing” to your post. 

Instagram captions offer multiple benefits. But if you use it right, the perfect caption will contribute to making your post look complete and flawless as a whole. 

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Good captions will also drive engagement. Since there are a lot of risks in buying Instagram followers, writing the perfect caption is a great, organic way to increase engagement and ultimately gain followers. 

In this article, we’ll explore the different techniques to write the best Instagram captions for your posts. So, buckle in, as it might change your Instagram game forever!

Benefits of Writing Good Instagram Captions

An Instagram caption is not the primary part of your post. But it shares an integral role, giving it the potential to make or break your posts. 

write good instagram captions

Before you learn to write the perfect caption, you need to understand its benefits and why it can be a valuable asset for your posts.

More insight

For one, Instagram captions are a great way to provide more insight into posts. Especially if you’re publishing a raw image or video, you can write more about it, what it means, or what you’re trying to convey in the captions. 

This helps readers further understand what your posts mean. So rather than leaving them blind, gift them vision!

An alternative to links

Instagram doesn’t allow users to add clickable links inside a caption. That means a reader must memorise the URL inside a caption and manually type it into their browser. 

And not many people are willing to put in that much effort. So, one thing you can do is to mention in the caption that you’ll provide a link in your profile bio or your story.


Adding a CTA (call-to-action) directly to the photo/video being posted may sometimes sound too “salesy.” Instead, you can use the captions to add a CTA. Ultimately, this is a more subtle way to include a call-to-action to your posts.

write good instagram captions

5 Tips to Write Good Instagram Captions

Most users may not take Instagram captions seriously. However, captions aren’t just a ticket to boost your conversion rate or skyrocket your visibility. 

Even for users that aren’t craving exposure, captions are a great way to add value to posts. It’s less about sounding too “salesy” and more about adding value and making the post look complete.

In contrast, to make captions valuable, you need to treat them as an integral part of your posts. Rather than making it a wall of text, combine captions with the art of copywriting. For instance, treat your captions as a walking stick that guides a person using them. 

Copywriting is a technique of writing the text for marketing purposes. Although you don’t necessarily have to learn copywriting from scratch, you can follow these tips to ensure your captions are as effective as possible.

1. The first line is your hook

For marketing, one of the effective techniques in writing is to treat the first few words as the hook. Because humans usually skim through the text. 


They most likely only read 20% of the text they see on a web page. Hence, you must ensure the first few words of your captions are strong enough to hook and reel the reader in.

This marketing technique is essential for Instagram captions, as Instagram replaces everything after the first 3-4 words of a caption with the “read more” button.

2. Add value to your captions

Most users use captions to add a CTA or simply explain the post. If your primary goal with captions is to make your Instagram post look “complete,” then that works.

However, to engage readers, add something valuable like a fact, tip, hint, or even something funny to add a sense of positivity.

People love to learn. So, if you share a legitimate fact or a tip through your Instagram captions, most readers will appreciate your help and support by liking, commenting, sharing, or bookmarking the post.

3. Ask a question

Another technique to increase engagement on your posts is to ask a question in the caption. Engagement on Instagram refers to the likes, comments, shares, and bookmarks you get on your posts. 

Asking a thoughtful question or encouraging the readers to share their feedback is a great way to drive engagement. You will most likely get more comments on a post with a question in the caption.

4. Use a human tone

A human tone (or conversational tone) sounds friendly and authentic. Try writing as you’re talking to your friend. Be casual, and you’ll conquer the hearts of your followers.


Also, several AI writing tools are available; some explicitly made for copywriting. However, having an AI work on an entire caption will probably make it sound like a sales copy. So, it’s always better to have a human go through them afterwards.

5. Use emojis

Emojis are an excellent way to add a dose of emotion to your Instagram captions. Especially as you can’t make your captions bold, italic, or add other media or edits. Emojis will make captions look better and more fun.

write good instagram captions emojis

However, make sure you don’t add a lot of them. An emoji here and there will connect better with the readers, helping them love and enjoy the caption they’re reading, which otherwise would be a mere wall of text.


You can get more out of your posts if you effectively write good Instagram captions. The engagement rate on your posts is vital to attain more exposure. And captions are a great way to drive engagement.

Maintaining a specific tone in your captions and adding specific Instagram hashtags that complement the brand identity is also helpful. That helps to attract only the right audience.

Now that you know the importance of Instagram captions and how to write them well, give it a shot the next time and see how well your posts perform. Good luck!