Imagine you’re shopping online. You come across two stores selling the same product you want, but one has more reviews than the other. It makes sense to shop from the store with more reviews, right?

A verified LinkedIn account works the same way as a store with reviews. It delivers quick social proof and reputation, driving your brand to the forefront of your market as a trusted alternative.

However, unless you have a massive following like Cristiano Ronaldo, getting verified on LinkedIn requires dedication, trial and effort. 

This article will cover the importance of LinkedIn verification and the exact steps to follow when submitting your application in 2023. We’ll also look at other ways to boost your credibility and visibility on the platform. 

What Does it Mean to Be LinkedIn Verified?

When you get verified on LinkedIn verification, you get a blue checkmark beside your name to certify the legitimacy of your profile. A verified badge proves the account belongs to an influential person, a notable personality, or a well-known specialist in their field. 

However, the verification process can be challenging, so making mistakes or giving up halfway is easy. But remember, some things take time, and you must commit to doing the work.

Before going further, let’s look at some benefits of getting a LinkedIn blue badge.

Why is it important to get verified on Linkedin? 

What comes to mind when you go through any social media platform and come across a profile with a verification badge next to its name? You might think authenticity or even designate it as an elite account.

However, having a blue tick on your LinkedIn profile has plenty of benefits for individuals and corporations.


Verified users may rank higher in search results, increasing visibility and exposure to potential partners, clients, or employers. 

For example, if John, a businessman, is looking for a competent social media manager on LinkedIn. He’ll likely go with the first profiles he sees when he types “social media manager” in the search bar. 

And guess what? These profiles are often the most followed verified account, as determined by the app’s algorithms. Also, more visibility means more traffic for your LinkedIn account. 


Having a verified badge on your profile lets LinkedIn and other users know you’re a real person, not a false account or imposter. 


A verified badge can also build trust with your connections and followers, who may be more likely to engage with your content or do business with you. Overall, getting verified on LinkedIn (or any social media platform) can help you stand out.  

How To Get Verified on LinkedIn

We’ve compiled a list of ways to earn a LinkedIn verification badge to position yourself as an expert and boost visibility. 

LinkedIn Lookup App

Social media verification on networks like Twitter may be relatively easy as receiving the badge costs roughly $8 per month, provided you’re eligible under the company’s standards. Other platforms, like Instagram, are rigorous when awarding authenticated badges to any account.  

To answer your major question, “Can you get verified on LinkedIn?” 

NB: LinkedIn’s authentication process isn’t as complex as portrayed. 

To get a LinkedIn verified badge, all you have to do is:

  • Submit a request for verification from the LinkedIn Lookup App.
  • After you’ve made your request, you’ll have to wait a couple of days for LinkedIn to send the four-digit number to your business email address. 
  • When you finally get the code, type it into the LinkedIn Lookup App. After that, you should officially have a blue tick next to your profile name. 

But remember that LinkedIn Lookup verification appears only on the Lookup app and isn’t accessible to all countries or Android devices. 

LinkedIn Influencer Program

If you decide not to use the verification option, you can still boost your visibility and credibility on Linkedin by receiving an invitation to its Influencer Program. 

LinkedIn offers an Influencer Program, which is only available via invitation and is limited to 500 people. The program aims to help people become better experts by learning from professionals like Bill Gates.

Because of the program’s intense selection process, the chances of a small account being invited are pretty low. But if you become a Linkedin Influencer and build an audience, you’ll become visible in the app’s algorithms. And soon, big brands and corporations will offer you rich opportunities

LinkedIn Premium Badge

LinkedIn provides a basic (free) account and an unrestricted premium subscription for one month. Users can select this alternative based on their social media game, needs and goals. 

The following are the different LinkedIn Premium Subscriptions and their features:

  • LinkedIn Premium Career can help you find employment and progress in your career.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator assists you in generating leads and expanding your client base.
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Lite assists you in finding and hiring people. 
  • LinkedIn Premium Business assists you in gaining specific business insights and expanding your organisation.
  • LinkedIn Learning assists you in improving your skills and learning new ones.

LinkedIn Skill Assessment Badges 

The LinkedIn Skill Assessment tool lets you verify your knowledge of the talents you’ve added to your profile by completing examinations tailored to those skills. 

A typical evaluation includes 15 multiple-choice questions, each examining at least one concept or subskill. The examination is timed and must be answered in a single sitting.

However, the assessment results are kept private. If you successfully pass it, you may circulate it publicly. Otherwise, you can keep it confidential. 

Nonetheless, after three months, you can redo the test to improve your scores and To keep your badge, you must take the skill evaluation test every year.


Overall, getting verified on LinkedIn is a terrific way to increase your credibility and establish yourself as an expert. It can also boost your visibility on the platform and helps build trust with your audience. With this article’s exclusive insight, you should know how to get verified on LinkedIn in 2023. So get to work and take the necessary measures to get yourself verified to reap the benefits of being a verified expert!