Twitter is a great area to interact with friends and keep up with industry professionals. However, if you want to promote your company or personal brand, you must do more than send out random tweets. It’s also not enough to publish your latest blog entries and product announcements.

In order to understand what’s working and what isn’t, a solid Twitter strategy needs in-depth analytics. For example;

  • How to check clicks on your posts? 
  • Is there a specific type of content that performs better than others? 
  • What are the most popular themes? 
  • What time of day do your followers seem to be the most active? 
  • How to know profile visits?

Analysing all of these factors is critical for calculating your social ROI and ensuring that you’re not wasting time on tweets that don’t add value. It also assists you in determining what changes you should make and where you are lagging. That’s why it’s vital to invest in the best Twitter analytics tools to keep track of how your postings are doing.

We’ve come up with 10 of the most excellent tools for analysing your Twitter efforts in this post. Some of these tools will also assist you in identifying patterns and monitoring your rivals’ performance. In addition, it provides you with a better understanding of optimising your approach to Twitter for long-term success.

Twitter Analytics

This is Twitter’s analytics application. Twitter analytics is free for everyone and can help you figure out how well your tweets perform.

Initially, you’re provided with a 28-day summary, including data on your tweet count, impressions, profile views, mentions, and following. You can also scroll down to get a breakdown of each month.


Hootsuite is one of our personal favourites regarding Twitter administration and reporting. 

It’s a freemium service, so you may utilise the free plan if you have fewer than five social profiles to monitor. It lets teams collaborate on campaigns across different social networks using a single secure web-based dashboard.

You may use a Hootsuite account to conduct marketing campaigns, plan posts ahead of time, discover and expand Twitter audiences, generate custom Twitter reports, track hashtags, mentions, Twitter lists, etc.

Sprout Social

Sprout makes it easier to find and optimise your top-performing tweets. In addition, Premium Analytics can help you figure out which Tweets are popular with followers. 

It gets better:

It’s simple to examine and share your critical Twitter data with templated and configurable reporting choices. For example, to assess your social strategy, you may create monthly, quarterly, or annual reports based on your company’s reporting structure.

Brandwatch Consumer Research

When it comes to Twitter and your channels, Brandwatch Consumer Research is a highly effective and adaptable instrument.

You may connect your accounts to gain data on followers, impressions, audience, and engagement and a searchable mentions list where you can categorise and tag information.


Buffer is best recognised as a tool for scheduling tweets and social media posts. It’s terrific for that, but you can also use it to track your Twitter activity.

But wait, let me tell you something:

In Buffer, there are a few things to consider. The first is to look at your posts and sort them by how many people have clicked on them or how engaged they are. This method is excellent to test what types of Twitter postings work best for you in a blink.

You may also view clicks, followers, impressions, and other metrics in the analytics section. It isn’t the most comprehensive, but it is handy. Keep in mind that you can also export data.

Union Metrics

Union Metrics helps you view your social data with colourful graphics that are simple enough for even inexperienced marketers to grasp. It’s a data-only service that includes Twitter account analysis as a complete social analytics package.

The firm also offers a few free Twitter products, like the Twitter Snapshot Report, in addition to its commercial analytics service. This tool provides you with a brief snapshot of your brand’s Twitter performance, which is helpful for audits and presentations.


Tweepsmap is one of the excellent Twitter analytics tools for learning more about your Twitter community and how to engage with them better.

This tool allows you to see your followers and determine crucial demographics, such as gender, language, and occupation. Then, you use these insights to divide your community into categories that are meaningful to you. This segmentation provides you with a leg up on the competition when it comes to generating content and ads that appeal to diverse groups of your audience.


Keyhole allows you to keep track of discussions and gauge how people feel about them.

This Twitter analytics program will help you find actionable data to improve your performance. In addition, it teaches you how to write more exciting tweets and when to share them for maximum interaction.


It is a powerful application that allows you to analyse your own and your rivals’ Twitter accounts using a variety of approaches.

This tool will provide information about the Twitter lists you’re both a part of, your most popular Tweets, engagement data, and more.

Twitonomy makes it simple to track Twitter discussions based on keywords, individuals, or lists. Any Twitter account will be broken down into graphs and easily understandable statistics.


TweetReach lets you know how far your tweets have gone. Here’s the thing:

A valuable feature of their free edition is the ability to generate Twitter reports that show how far your Twitter handle, term, or hashtag has travelled. 

For example, it will display the number of accounts reached, impressions received, retweets received, top contributors, most retweeted Tweets, contributor list, and a chronology of your Tweets.

It’s on you now

Whether you want to pay for a premium service or require a free one, you have lots of choices regarding Twitter analytics tools. However, it may be challenging to know where to start with many alternatives. Hopefully, this list has assisted you in determining the ideal tools to concentrate on depending on your requirements.