It’s 2022, and you don’t have a social media pre-launch strategy for your product? Don’t worry about it.

So, getting more attention to your product on social media isn’t hard if you have a proper strategy. The main part is to create a massive strategy that hypes your product. 

We’ve prepared a proper pre-launch guide for you to hit statistics. Take a look at it.

Why you need a pre-launch strategy

The first time, right? You’re offering a product that doesn’t have a pre-launch strategy. Before digging into how to do it, you need to grasp the advantages of it. Here are the captions: 

Time effective

Having a pre-launch strategy will help you use your time properly. Obviously, without a strategy, wasting valuable time is inevitable.

Above all, it’s the best way to determine what you’re doing.

Your starting point, action time, purposes and other assets will be ready. It’s like preparing yourself before talking on the stage.


Create awareness of the need

Yes, it’s true. You create awareness of need.

A pre-launch strategy gives you plenty of time to build a good start for the product. Therefore, in this process, you have time to cultivate interest and expectations from your customers. 


You may hear a word of consistency on every platform to be more successful. A strategy helps you produce content consistently. 

Why consistency?

Firstly, your customers always have brand new content to consume.

Secondly, the algorithm pushes you to the top in the search.

Planning Instagram pre-launch strategy

A well-prepared strategy will help you determine what you want to achieve. For instance, to start planning, you need to draw its skeleton:


Define a goal

Before launching a product, you should know your goal. A goal will lead you to success. 

Why do you need it?

Firstly, it’s a lucrative way to limit yourself before spilling out of your vision. So, a goal helps you understand what you do.

Secondly, creating highly targeted content needs a goal. You have to know what type and style of content your audience wishes to see.

To define your goal, you need to determine whether you want hype, awareness, more sales, more followers and so on.

Set a timeline

The timeline is your right hand. It helps you see the whole process.

Once you set a timeline, you know;

  • when to start;
  • when to finish;
  • where to start;
  • how many days you have.

It’s a lucrative way to track your process. Why? Because the process of creating a pre-launch strategy looks like a black hole. In other words, you could be lost in it.

light sticker

A creative taste

Now, it’s the time to show your ability. Setting a creative taste helps you generate unique posts.

Everyone publishes product content, and most of them look similar. Therefore, be authentic about style, colours, images, videos, feedback, stories, etc.

List user-generated content assets

It’s important to know what content type matches your audience. 

You should collect user-generated content assets beforehand. It helps you know what to produce for your customers.

The UGC assets are images, video scenes, feedback, reviews, stories, hashtags, etc. So all you need is to collect them properly.

Schedule the posts

Publishing posts manually every time isn’t handy because it’s time-consuming and forgettable

Most importantly, you need to figure out what day and time your audience is active. Then schedule your posts for a specific time by using the proper software.

Moreover, this mentality helps your page to get along with the algorithm. For example, if you post on prime times, your posts will be on-trend and shown to targeted people.


Hype your product on Instagram

Nowadays, content creators always hype their content to grab more attention. Why wouldn’t you? Creating content and publishing it doesn’t mean finishing the task. 

To clarify, you need to do a little makeup on your content in front of an audience. 


Creating hashtags for a pre-launch may sound like a cliche. But, guess what? It’s not.

Hashtags help your customers follow new updates about your product. They will already know where they can get proper information.

Well, hashtags are also helpful to reach your target audience

Not only that, customers may promote and create discussion about the product by using the same hashtag you produce.


Have you ever wondered about the upcoming movie’s teaser? Well, you can also create a teaser of your product for your customers. 

Instagram story feature is the best way to create sneak peeks. You can produce two sneak-peak ideas.

Firstly, you can show the tiny details of future products. As a result, it creates excitement.

Secondly, show them the production videos. This content depicts how you care about your product and how transparent you’re.


Tell you what. Instagram giveaways are the best way to create page hype and growth in a short time. 

How does the giveaway work?

Well. People always want to get a giveaway product and use it before anyone else. So people become happy when they get a product free and as a gift

And people know that if they want to win a giveaway product, they should follow the rules.

The rules you set. To join a giveaway, people need to follow certain pages, like specific photos and so on. So, you’re getting hype before even starting.

phone video

Video Content

It’s well-known that people are more interested in video content. Therefore, you should produce more video pieces for your customers. 

However, never forget that your videos shouldn’t be in an advertising style. Instead, they should sell emotions

Instagram gives you 1-minute video content placement. For example, you can produce 1-minute teasers, trailers, trend videos with your product, testing, etc.


When you read storytelling, you imagine a guy sitting next to a campfire and telling a story, right?


Just tell a story to your customers. Create an impressive narrative that touches people’s thoughts. On Instagram, you can tell your stories by using story features or posting pictures and videos.

A proper story will differentiate you from your competitors. 

Make your content valuable

At the end of the day, you should understand that people follow valuable content. Valuable content quickly grabs attention.

You just need to;

  • Educate your customers about the product and production;
  • Inform them about new updates;
  • Entertain them.


Kaboom… You’re ready to carve your Instagram pre-launch strategy. There’s no need to waste time anymore.