Facebook ads spying tools are software that helps you understand your competitors’ social activities and how they’re utilising Facebook advertising successfully in their business. 

By understanding what they’re doing, you can make informed decisions about your Facebook advertising strategy. 

There are a few different types of Facebook ad-spying tools. Some focus on helping you understand the competition, while others focus on helping you create more effective Facebook ads

how to spy on competitors facebook ads for free

As a business owner, if you need help finding out what your competitors are doing on social media, this post is for you! This article will cover seven tools to help any business owner understand how to spy on competitors Facebook Ads for free. 

Competitor Analysis Tools 

A competitive analysis tool is a research tool that helps you understand your competition by analysing their Facebook ads. Competitive analysis involves more than just monitoring your adversaries. It involves utilising your rival to reach its audience. 

How to Use Facebook and Instagram Feeds – Master Your Competitor’s Ad Targeting Strategies

In online marketing, it’s essential to know what your competitors are up to. And one of the best ways to do that is to check out their Facebook and Instagram feeds. 

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By looking at their ads, you can get a good idea of who they’re targeting and what kind of messages they’re sending out. For example, suppose your competitor has been running a Facebook Ad campaign for a specific audience segment (such as women between the ages of 25-30). 

In that case, you’ll know what kind of content they use. You may also see how long this audience has been targeted – and whether it’s still effective! If so, then why not copy it? 

Get Ahead of the Competition: Analyze Facebook and Instagram Ads With The Meta Ad Library

Facebook Ad Library (also called Meta Ad Library) is a free tool that allows you to spy on competitors’ ads. Here, you can see Facebook and Instagram ads, including descriptions, keywords, images and more.

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You can use the information in this library to learn more about your competitors’ strategies and tactics as well as how to find competitors target audience on Facebook. 

There are several different ways of searching through this database – the easiest way would be by using keywords; however, there are also filters available such as date range or type of ad (video vs text only). 

Harnessing the Potential of the Meta Ads Library

The Meta Ad Library is a great place to start if you want to see what your competitors are targeting and bidding.

Therefore, you can use the Meta Ad Library to learn the following things:

  • How your rivals are presenting their offers. 
  • Which platforms your competitors are utilising. 
  • The method of call to action your competitors use.
  • Where your competition is bringing in business. 
  • The kind of creative measure your competitors are using.
  • The partners of your competitor. 

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Other Facebook Ads Spying Tools

Several Facebook ad targeting tools are available; some are free, while others require payment, and the one you choose will depend on your needs and budget. If you want to find out how to see competitors Facebook Ads, read on.


If you’re just starting or a small business owner, a free tool like AdEspresso may be all you need. 

AdEspresso is a Facebook Ads Manager tool that allows you to track and optimise your ads; it also lets you see Facebook ads of competitors.

This web-based software also provides data about how often your competitor’s ads are clicked and how much money your adversary spends on their Facebook advertising.

AdEspresso offers a sizable collection of different Facebook ads. It consists of lead ads, video ads, and photo ads. 



While ConnectExplore does not display advertisements from your competitors, it enables you to discover profitable niches that your rivals have yet to target. 

ConnectExplore presents you with various interests related to your specialisation once you type one or more keywords. Yet, more interests can be found by using a search extension. 

Also, you can unfairly outperform the majority of advertisers in your niche by doing this. 

Once your Facebook advertising accounts are connected, ConnectExplore displays interest which can be reached with Facebook ads and enables you to publish the interest you’ve chosen directly into your publicity campaign in Facebook Ads Manager. 

Price: $197 in one lump sum (lifetime access) 


PowerAdSpy is a Facebook ad-tracking software that allows you to track and analyse your competitor’s ads. It has one of the most extensive databases and contains millions of ads from well-known social media platforms.  

You can search for Ads using demographic information, geolocation, likes, comments, and other criteria.

In addition, if you’re concentrating on Facebook video ads to boost engagement, PowerAdSpy will display the top-performing video ads.

You can use this tool to see how effectively your ads drive engagement with potential customers on Facebook. You can also see which types of ads are performing well for others in your industry or niche market.

Subscription: From Free to $349 monthly


Dropshipping is a business model where e-commerce business owners create an online marketplace without stockpiling or handling inventory. 

When a website user places a purchase, the seller will contact the distributor, who will then handle the packing and shipping of the goods to the consumer. 

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Dropshipping is an excellent method to launch a business with no initial outlay. On the other hand, finding and promoting high-quality products might be challenging. 

With the aid of the competitive intelligence tool “Dropispy”, you can monitor your competitors’ social media (Facebook) activity to see what products they’re promoting and how they promote their Facebook Ads. 

Subscription: From free to $34.80 monthly

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Swipe-Worthy is the best place to discover varieties of content genres to use as inspiration for your campaigns. Its highlighted niches include real estate, dating, food, blogging, consultancy, automobile, and beauty. 

Since Swipe-Worthy provides all sorts of genres, it is best to be distinct when searching for specific content. Therefore, type “Facebook Ads” in the search box or choose “Facebook Ad” under ‘All Types’ to see only Facebook advertisements. 

You may receive the most recent swipes from Swipe-Worthy per week and be the first to learn about the latest additions by subscribing to their newsletter. 

Price: Free

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The Bottom Line 

Hopefully, this article has made you understand how to spy on competitors Facebook Ads for free and has helped you discover some of the best tools out there.

Whichever tool you choose, make sure you take the time to understand how it works and what information it can provide you. This will help you make the most informed decisions about your Facebook advertising strategy.