Twitter is a microblogging platform that lets you share messages with your followers. It’s also one of the most popular social platforms, with over 300 million active users worldwide.

If you use Twitter, you’re probably aware that conversations are the platform’s foundation. Spaces elevate Twitter conversations—that’s why the social media company enhances this feature for its users.

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To help you make the most out of Spaces, Twitter launched an analytics tool. You can use this analytics tool to learn how to chat on Twitter Spaces and manage your Spaces sessions by following the instructions in this article.

What Is Twitter Spaces? 

Twitter Audio Spaces is changing the way we communicate. This new feature allows you to share your thoughts and ideas with your friends, family, prospects, and followers in real time without having to worry about the limitations of Twitter itself. 

Twitter Spaces allows anyone with an account on Twitter to create a Space, where they can publish live audio from whatever device they choose: desktop computers or laptops; mobile devices like smartphones and tablets; or even smart TVs powered by Google cast technology! 

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This post type is called “Twitter live audio chat” because it’s a new way to engage your audience and build your brand, promote events, and drive sales by holding one-on-one conversations with customers and followers. 

How to Start Twitter Spaces on a Desktop and Mobile

An individual who creates a Space is regarded as a host. And Twitter only allows a maximum of 11 speakers (including the hosts), while there are no restrictions on the number of listeners.

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By default, the host chooses whether to include listeners as speakers or to keep them as audience members. To understand how to start Twitter Spaces, use this step-by-step guide:

How to start using Twitter spaces on desktop: 

  • Step 1: Install the Twitter app on your desktop or use any browser to log in. 
  • Step 2: Tap login if you already have an account; otherwise, click the “create new account” button. 
  • Step 3: On your Twitter Spaces dashboard, click “create space” at the top right.
  • Step 4: You should give the Space a unique name that reflects the type of Space you wish to create (such as a personal account or business). 
  • Step 5: To create again after saving, click “create” in the bottom right corner until a green check mark appears. 

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How to use Twitter Spaces for Android and iOS:

  • Step 1: Install the Twitter app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Or launch your preferred browser, Chrome or Firefox, and use this link to sign in with your Twitter username and password. 
  • Step 2: Open the Twitter app on your iPhone or Android devices. 
  • Step 4: click on the “+” sign in the bottom right corner of the screen. 
  • Step 5: Choose the “Spaces Twitter icon”.
  • Step 6: You will be redirected to the “create your space” page. Enter the name of your space, including the name of the content or subject you plan to discuss. You can also record and add captions to your Spaces. Enter the information and click the start button.
  • Step 7: Once your space has been established, you can invite anyone by forwarding a tweet or sending a direct message from the bottom menu. 

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How to Use Twitter Spaces Analytics Tool

You can evaluate the effectiveness of your tweets and content with the help of the Twitter Spaces analytics tool. Anyone can utilise this tool regardless of experience or knowledge of social media analytics. 

The analytics tool for Twitter Spaces provides you with segmented insights into your sessions. After ending a Twitter Space, click on the “insights icon” at the bottom of the page to access your Space data. 

You can browse through several categories of insights on the space analytics website. 

  • With the “tuned in and live listeners statistics”, you can see how many people joined and stayed in your Space.
  • With “the recording replays tool”, you can see how many people have continued to interact with your content after the Space has ended (Twitter retains copies of recordings from Space for 30 days).
  • Using “co-host’s analytic tools” help display the total number of hosts who worked together on the Space. 
  • Utilising “speakers insight” indicates the number of speakers participating in the conversation. Use speaker insights and recording replay insights to compare how Spaces with more speakers perform against those with fewer speakers. For example, do listeners generally playback Space episodes with several speakers, or are they most drawn to episodes where you were the sole speaker? 
  • “Duration insight” helps display how long the Space was active. Once more, you use this data in the future together with other insights to determine whether your audience likes longer or shorter Spaces. For example, the number of speakers and the time it takes for individuals to join will affect how long your Space lasts. 

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How to Monitor the Success of Your Twitter Spaces Strategy

Here are some pointers to help you track your Twitter Spaces success:

Total number of listeners who joined your live broadcast

You can monitor the success of your Twitter space strategy by using Twitter space replay statistics for recorded broadcasts. One of the stats is to display the number of listeners tuned in for your live Twitter space. Additionally, it can assist you in developing a Twitter Spaces strategy by allowing you to discover which topics are engaging viewers.

The total number of listeners’ participation

Even though there aren’t defined statistics for gauging listener engagement, keeping track is a good idea. You could discover that some things generate more interaction as you host more Twitter Spaces. Being able to interact with your audience in real-time is the whole point of going live on Twitter Spaces. It shouldn’t be one-sided! 

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Total number of replays 

These numbers show how many people watched the replay. By recording your Twitter Spaces, you give your content a chance to be heard by many new prospects since not everyone will have the time and opportunity to join in on your live broadcast. 

Follow-up engagement 

Sometimes your Twitter Spaces are so effective at generating engagement that they continue to do so even after the live conversation has ended. So always observe what people are saying about the Twitter Spaces you host, the number of people sharing the replay, etc. 

Bottom Line  

The analytics tool is a great way to understand how your Twitter Spaces are performing. It will help you determine if the strategy is working and if any changes need to be made. 

The key to becoming a great host on Twitter Spaces is to add value through thoughtful dialogue and establish connections with your audience. The most straightforward approach is engaging them in conversation and interesting topics while being accessible. 

By now, you should better understand how Twitter Spaces work and how to use them. You could even consider setting one up for yourself or your brand!