Social media is a window that connects your business to your customers. Many of whom will be avid social media users and actually, get most if not all of their news through social media feeds. That is why you should be scheduling your content and using social media management services in order to stay ahead of the curve, give your customers something to read or look at while they have their breakfast and remain relevant in a fast-moving world.


Seasonal trends

If the business calendar is in the summer, you should be planning for the fall, and if it’s in the fall, you should be planning for the winter! This is because you want to stay ahead of your competitors, and have excellent content for the seasonal trends ahead of time. Writing about how your products could be the excellent gifts for Christmas in autumn, is just good foresight. You beat your rivals to the punch and you can start reacting to the feedback customers give you, very early on. Consequently, this allows for advanced inventory management too.


National awareness days

Social and cultural changes are incredibly important for the modern customer. They want to feel as if they’re involved with something greater than just consumerism. With great social media management, you can create photographs, pictures, hashtags and amazing creative content to show, you’re well aware of this. Becoming involved in such days, ahead of time, will give you an air of authenticity and show customers you’re not one for jumping on a bandwagon that’s already passed.


Spacing your content

You don’t want to push your content out, nor do you want it to become a barren wasteland with the occasional post. So, writing great content and having it released slowly but consistently, keeps your website relevant in the search result pages. It also makes you a reliable and consistent source of content for customers that wish to keep themselves updated.


Saving time

And of course, the number one benefit is, that you save time. You don’t need to manually upload or publish content, it just happens with the scheduling service or software you’re using. 


Avoids distractions

If your content is backed up for a few weeks or even months, you need not worry if you haven’t got the time to write or create new content for a few days or weeks. Get on with the urgently important things and let the schedule do the rest. 


Become a source

Did you know that 77% of users read blogs? Business blogs are one of the top styles of content which users will interact with and consume on a regular basis. If you have social media content that is keeping your page up-to-date and giving customers something new to experience, you become a regular part of their lives.


It drives engagement

The more content you post, the more interactions you will receive. The simple fact of the matter is, the more photos, videos, blog posts and polls you post on your social media, the more ‘alive’ your space looks. It drives engagement and thus, sales will increase. 

Scheduling social media content is prudent for so many reasons and makes perfect sense in this busy and often hectic world. Save time and stay relevant by using the kind of service we offer.