Successful recruitment agencies live by their ability to align the right talent with the right job posting. And the more talent they have at their disposal, the greater their ability to match highly qualified and specifically skilled people for listings as and when they come up. This can allow them to find a great match for their clients before other agencies can get the drop on them. But finding the right talent to join their existing pool of candidates continues to be a pain point for agencies. Here we’ll look at some of the ways in which recruitment agencies can leverage social medias to get the attention of both candidates and clients to deliver outstanding value on both sides and maintain their competitive edge. 

The importance of social media for marketing agencies 

More and more of us are living our personal and business lives online, and social media plays a key part in that. Almost 3 and a half billion of us use social media for personal use as well as professional networking. That means that whether people are looking for a new job, getting a feel for the talent pool or simply finding a way to entertain themselves on their lunch break, they’re probably using social media. 

Still, in an age where virtually every business has social media accounts, it’s up to you to ensure that you use yours to its full potential.

How should I be using social media to attract the right talent?

Here we’ll look at some practical tips to help you make the most of your social media marketing presence to ensure that your agency gets the top tier talent and the high profile clients…

Content is key

Not only should your content be visually striking to draw the eye on a busy feed, but it also needs to be of high quality and easy to consume on a mobile device. Videos in particular tend to enjoy higher engagement rates. 

Consider SEO before you post

Social platforms are just like the rest of the internet. Keywords and leveraging Search Engine Optimisation are critical if your content is to be noticed by all the right people. 

Remember, not all platforms are created equal

When it comes to professional networking, LinkedIn is the obvious choice. However, that’s not to say that it’s the only platform worth considering. Harmonious business relationships can be and have been forged on the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Make sure your business looks the business online

Today’s professionals are savvy. They’ll know to do their homework before they approach you directly. They’ll likely scrutinise your profile pages on various platforms, take a long look at your website, see what people are saying about you on Google and find out what your employees really think about you on Glassdoor. As such, you need to ensure that you look desirable to them before you attempt to reach out to anyone (either clients or candidates) through social platforms. Be sure to mention any high profile or trusted clients whom you serve as these can go a long way towards lending your agency credibility and visibility. 

Can anybody help me get up and running?

We understand that social media marketing can be a minefield for the uninitiated, and that nobody wants to waste their money on strategies that they’re not absolutely sure of. At 50 Pound Social we strive to deliver on all aspects of social media marketing, delivering highly effective yet eminently affordable marketing solutions for businesses just like yours. We have various plans available at different price points. Check out our affordable social media management packages.