Since its launch in 2010, the photo-sharing app Instagram became a fashion lover’s haven. Discovering the soon to be coolest labels and trendsetters is but a click away. Brands can not only advertise items – for free, nonetheless – but also the lifestyle that goes along with it. It is a 24-hour, window-shopping opportunity for a content thirsty generation. There are some brands out there, particularly fashion brands, that use Instagram especially well. Here are the top 10 small fashion brands on Instagram that the cool kids can’t get enough of.

1. Industry Standard NY 

@madisonmonteze’s ode to Drake and summer in NY interning at IS. Ain’t that sweet 💕💕 #summersixteen

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Nicole Najafi, CEO and Founder of Industry Standard knew the power of a good pair of jeans. So Najafi decided to start her own line designed in New York, but made in LA’s denim district. Their Instagram is a perfect example of branding done well: her consumer is your typical 20 to 30 something year old woman, who lives in jeans paired with simple tops, as she splits her time between a big city job and weekend getaways. Their posts emphasise how easy it is be well dressed when on the go: grab a pair of their jeans and you will always be ready to conquer the world.


2. Fort Lonesome

Cowboys at heart. That’s what you can expect from the folks at Fort Lonesome. The focus on chainstitch embroidery makes each denim piece unique. This brand started out on a ranch in Montana, and is quickly gaining followers mostly from mouth to mouth – or better yet click by click. Consumers are invited to take part in the creation, and email both their measurements as well as pictures they’d like to see on the design. The strategy here: digital tailoring at its best and you will be tagged on their Instagram for bragging rights.


3. A Peace Treaty

Hands up for our Arash ecru handprinted scarf, now available online. 📸 by @bradogbonna #handmade #artisanal

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The premise behind this NYC based label is that luxury is made by human hands. APC partners up with artisans from all over the world and allows their public to own something crafted through century old techniques. Their Instagram takes users on a worldwide trip and offers a glimpse into other cultures for daily inspiration. On top of this, they encourage sales by associating the brand with admirable causes such as Haiti Relief and donating part of the revenue.




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Yara Flynn, the creative mind behind NOMIA NYC might be trained as a fashion designer, but everything suggests she could have been an architect. The clean lines and appreciation for art can be seen on each piece. The brand’s Instagram account exemplifies with perfection the audience they target: a minimalist, no-fuss lady who splits her time between work and artsy events. The posts also offer a strategic peek into the life of a busy designer, bringing customers closer to the artist.


5. Cecilie Copenhagen

@pandorasykes 👌🏻 in dress style 11 – color 01 #ceciliecopenhagen

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Denmark has long been known for its expertise in design. Young danish designer, Cecilie Jorgensen went from a mere fashion student to being internationally recognised in just a few years. The brand’s sleek and effortless look has attracted the attention of many street style fashionistas. The twenty-two year old is behind Cecilie Copenhagen, known for its simple, but strong patterned designs. And make no mistake, their social team wastes no opportunity to showcase influencers wearing Cecilie’s pieces on their Instagram page.


6. Lisa Says Gah

❤️❤️❤️👀💕 Féminin / Lover / BB tees 〰 shop link in profile.

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San Francisco based Lisa Williams wanted to shake things up. Her belief that fashion should be a creative connection between the artist and buyer prompted her to start Lisa Says Gah. More than that, her online shop goes beyond and offers insightful interviews with powerful women from the industry. The brand differentiates itself from the market by offering a powerful triad through social media: read-look-shop – they combine three of the favorite things millennials love.


7. Acrimony

Candids from the #acrimony #fw16 editorial shot in #vietnam🇻🇳 releasing next week.

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Simply put, Acrimony is the place to find the coolest assortment of clothes and footwear. This street and online boutique is slowly becoming the destination for style inspiration, as well as getting the products you can’t get your hands on anywhere else. Their social media strategy is simple, but effective: display the coolest influencers showing off the hardest to find pieces, while making sure they are well-stocked on their website. Sold!


8. Marcellamoda

In the times of social media and technology, it’s no wonder small shops such as Marcellamoda are on the rise. What started out as a family-only operation, has expanded to a full blown team of members located all over Europe. The asymmetric cuts have become a favorite among many fashion lovers, and the brand is smart enough to feature customers wearing their creations on Instagram. Elegance with an edge, this brand is one to keep an eye out for.


9. Everlane

Can we kick it? Yes, we can.

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What started out as a cry for more transparency in the fashion world, soon became a disruptive brand called Everlane. This consumer based startup founded by Michael Presyman offers consumers a chance to know which factories they work with, and how much it costs for the products to be made. There is no other way to say this: they went viral and the brand continues to expand as it sells high-quality staples only online. That means they love social media and can be seen on Instagram showing off clean urban looks.


10. Warby Parker

Perks of working at our Washington St. store? Easy access to the @highlinenyc. #teamwarby

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Anyone who wears prescription glasses is aware that a good pair won’t be cheap. Or, wasn’t cheap. As the folks at Warby Parker say, every idea starts from identifying a problem. Rebellious, the brand started a new model for the eyewear industry with their Home-Try-On program. As an online business, their costs are minimized and the result is affordable, stylish eyeglasses. On their Instagram page, customers can get a glimpse of the company and feel like they are part of the Warby Parker team. And who wouldn’t want to be a part of the cool kids in the New York City club?


So there we have it. Maybe this can serve as some inspiration for your brand on Instagram. It’s a powerful platform and, with the right approach, can be very effective. Among our social media management services we offer Instagram management, get in touch with us for details.