This post is a part of our monthly social media updates and news series, where you can quickly scan through quick recaps of all the changes that took place in recent months.

Can you even believe that? 2021 is the past now. So even though most industries were unfortunately paralysed last year, we’ve had a pretty breathtaking time, huh? Alright, let’s see what numbers have to say:

More than half of the world’s population use social media nowadays, with Facebook being the most popular choice. We’re talking about nearly 4.2 billion people here, and 99% of them use smartphones to access social media networks.

December 2021 social media updates and news

Here is the list of popular social networks worldwide (by the number of active users):

  • Facebook – 2.89 billion
  • YouTube – 2.29 billion
  • WhatsApp – 2 billion
  • Instagram – 1.39 billion
  • Messenger – 1.3 billion
  • WeChat – 1.25 billion
  • TikTok – 1 billion
  • Telegram – 550 million
  • Snapchat – 538 million
  • Pinterest – 454 million
  • Twitter – 436 million

Now, as we know how the current competition looks, let’s dive into the latest social media updates of December 2021.

Let’s start with the biggest – Facebook

As a result of its attempts to compete with other platforms where creators can profit, Facebook will now introduce a professional profile mode. With the professional mode activated, creators will unlock new income opportunities and access tools to help them grow their audience.


At the same time, the platform announced the possibility of two-factor authentication (2FA) requirement for suspicious profiles and accounts.

And boom! Here’s the social media update I’m most excited about: it will now be possible to schedule both a post and a story via the Facebook app.

facebook schedule

In addition, the Inspiration Hub section added to Facebook Creator Studio will show you the latest popular news and hashtags.

Facebook inspiration hub

The new “Live With” on Facebook’s Live feature is excellent news for live streaming fans. This function will allow four people to join the live broadcast as speakers simultaneously.

Facebook Live with

Launched in October, Messenger AR Effects continue to evolve day by day. So get ready to join the world of stickers with a touch of Stranger Things’ Upside Down and the soundtracks of many singers.

Meta has also announced changes to its ad campaigns to stay closer to its goals. As you see in the image below, the Ads Manager interface will be redesigned from the current installation process on the left to the new ODAX (Results-Based Advertising Interaction Model) on the right. 

As you’ll notice, the main aim is to reduce the number of choices from 11 to 6 and move away from the Awareness, Thinking, and Conversion titles to clarify each goal stream.

facebook ads manager

What happened in December on Instagram?

Let’s start with the first news that delights Instagram users. It’s related to Story links: You can now define a CTA to a link and choose a colour for the link sticker.

instagram story link

Instagram returns to a chronological feed. While no exact date has been announced, the update is scheduled for the first half of next year.

The next social media update of December is for Reels fans: Instagram has activated a new way for boosting engagements with people, Reels Visual Replies, which lets you add a comment block onto your reels.

reels visual replies

Instagram’s other new functionality will enable the integration of profiles into blogs and portfolio sites. The Profile Embed feature allows users to post miniature versions of their profiles on websites.

instagram embed

A little about Tiktok social media updates

For people mostly using social media for fun, Tiktok is the best bet. In addition, Tiktok engineers are constantly innovating to create a better user experience every day.

One of the small changes in UI/UX is the ability to add pronouns (he/she/they) to your profile.

TikTok also created an incentive section for participating in live broadcasts before they start to make the platform more user-friendly. In addition, this section can also let you invite users to live stream on your profile.


Apparently, it will now be possible to repost TikTok posts. However, those working on the feature also stressed this might not be possible. So, fingers crossed, but don’t hold your breath.

tiktok repost

TikTok also said it’s working to determine the channels posts can be reposted to based on users’ feedback.

Social media updates on Twitter

Twitter is testing a shortcut for the Overview tab that will be familiar to people using TikTok. This feature, currently displayed in English for iOS and Android users as a test, will allow you to browse under “For You,” “Covid 19,” and “Trending” sections.

twitter explore

Twitter will soon allow its users to quote tweets with reactions. It’s basically retweeting by adding your own comment in a video form.

twitter quote reaction

Alessandro Paluzzi reports the Collaboration function on Twitter may be active soon. It is said to work similarly to Instagram’s collaboration feature. But whether it will be launched officially is still in question.

twitter collaboration

Latest Snapchat features

Although Instagram became famous for its instant effects ideas, Snapchat is still widely used by users worldwide.

In its annual Lens Fest, Snapchat has announced a few new updates to the Lens Studio and disclosed a sophisticated version of its “World Mesh” AR mapping.

snap ar effects

Snapchat launched its new Story Studio program, which provides selected users with simplified tools to make it easy to create video content.

Youtube video new

As we know, Youtube Studio is more compatible with the desktop version. However, thanks to the platform’s new adjustments, YouTube mobile will now provide developers with more flexibility and also make it easier to monitor performance using mobile devices. The most significant update to the mobile version is the addition of new comment search filters.

Google has recently announced its new e-commerce storefront, Qaya, for creators and small businesses. At the first look, it may seem like another shop, but the difference is Qaya will be integrated with other Google products. And YouTube is no exception. Creators will be able to showcase their Qaya products under their videos in a special section.

youtube qaya

Youtube is also working to improve its subscription options, which are often complained about. In the latest Creator Insider video, the platform announced it is currently testing a feature that allows users to categorise creators and channels they subscribe to.

Moreover, YouTube analytics also got improved. Thanks to the new Youtube interface, Heatseaker will give you access to the most viewed moments.

That’s it for the last release of 2021. If you want to keep up with social media updates and news this year, as well, keep an eye on our future articles.