The mistake many businesses make when managing their social media accounts is thinking that it’s all about delivering a sales pitch. In reality, engagement and developing an attentive and interested audience will result in more long-term sales than if you were to spend your time merely pushing sales messages. Here are 10 examples of the types of content you can post instead.


Interesting Facts and Quotes

People like to read interesting facts and inspirational quotes when they’re browsing through social media. They’re quick and easy to absorb and they can make people stop and pay attention for a while.


Contests with Prizes

Everyone likes to get something for nothing, and that’s why brands so often hold contests and competitions on their social media pages. It gets people engaging and sharing posts in order to have a chance of winning something.


Awareness Day Posts

If there’s a particular awareness day coming up, you can do something relevant, raise awareness of an important topic and show your business in a positive light all at the same time.


Photos and Videos Showing Relevant Work

If you want to show people how they can benefit from buying your products or using your services, it makes sense to show photos of that work. Creating shareable videos is a great way to engage people as well/.



Infographics are fun because they’re bright, nicely designed and they manage to convey a whole lot of important information in a quick and digestible way. You should think about having some made and then sharing them on social media. Make them for free with Piktochart


Introductions to Your Individual Team Members

Showing a more human side of your business is something that never hurts. So why not use your social media presence to introduce your customers to the people who make up your team?


Audio Content, Such as Podcasts

Audio content continues to grow in usage and popularity. You can give people something to listen to and deliver information that helps them. More and more companies are now doing this via podcasts.


Links to Helpful Guides

If you’ve put together a helpful guide that you feel is going to be helpful and interesting to your audience, you should think about sharing it more widely on social media. That’s how you’ll get traffic driving towards the content you want to show off.


Open Ended Questions That Boost Engagement

Asking an open ended question gets people communicating, thinking and engaging directly with your company on social media, you should definitely give it a try.


User Generated Content

User generated content can be fun and it shows your customers that you’re interested in engaging with them. It breaks down the barriers between customers and your business.


If you like the sound of these social media content ideas but you’re not sure how to implement them, you can outsource to an affordable service like those offered by 50 Pound Social. That way, you can achieve the right outcomes without doing the work yourself.