Including other people’s content in your feed is a valuable component of any Instagram marketing approach. Brands frequently use user-generated content (UGC) to highlight their clients and influencers.

To truly put other people’s content into your Instagram feed, you must first understand how to repost on the platform, also known as regram. Regramming provides your brand with new content for your audience and is known to increase engagement.

After you’ve figured out how to regram, you’ll be able to take your Instagram marketing approach to the next level. You can get the most out of regramming by following some tips in this article. 

What Does Regram Mean?

Regramming is the practice of adding another user’s content to your feed. It is comparable to Twitter’s Retweet tool, except regramming entails more processes. While retweeting only requires only a click of a button.

Regramming also increases interaction on your account. However, publishing a user’s photo as your own is not as easy as just downloading it. You should ensure that the original owner permits you to repost their content. 

regram instagram

Is it possible to regram without leaving Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t feature a regram or repost button for feed posts. Nevertheless, users continue developing inventive ways to reshare without a one-click function to repost feed content. Also, the popularity of Instagram Stories gives users some fresh ways to repost content.

repost reshare regram instagram

From the image above, reposting to social media sites like Twitter or Facebook is simple, but regramming requires additional software or tool.

How to Regram on Instagram Feed With a Third-Party App

There’re tons of third-party applications allowing you to repost on Instagram. However, you should remember that they’re not a part of Instagram’s official programme and giving them access to your account can be dangerous. 

You must thus use the following techniques or employ a reputable third-party tool to perform a proper regram. Usually, third-party reposting apps work like this:

  • Install the app on your phone;
  • Go to the Instagram photo you wish to repost and select Copy Link;
  • When you open the third-party app, you should be able to repost the post. It is a simple technique to regram posts without having to crop the image. 

How to Regram Manually With a Screenshot

Even though it requires a few manual steps, a post screenshot is one of the most accessible options to regram on Instagram. Here’s how you can regram with a screenshot:

  • Locate the content that you wish to regram;
  • Take a screenshot with your mobile device;
  • Crop the screenshot;
  • Make a new Instagram post using the cropped image. Always credit the original owner and obtain permission before regramming their content.

You can also download Instagram images using third-party tools such as Inflact.

How to Repost on Instagram Stories

Regramming worthwhile posts that don’t fit your brand’s visuals or highlighting another user’s Story that features your brand are excellent methods of filling out your content schedule and boosting interaction. 

Regram from Instagram feed to Instagram Story 

Reposting a customer’s feed content to your Story is simple. But remember that you won’t be able to share the post to your Story if the original poster has a private account. You will only be capable of sharing the post in the DMs.

Here’s how to regram an image from your Instagram feed to your Story:

  • Locate the content you want to regram;
  • Select the aeroplane icon for sharing;

  • Tap the Add Post to Story button;
  • You can add captions to the post, then hit Your Story to share it.

Repost from Story to Story

Perhaps a user created an excellent Story involving your services or products, and you’d like to reshare it on your own. Or maybe they tagged your brand, and you want to repost it.

We recommend seeking consent to repost and take screenshots if they create an excellent Story that highlights your products. On the other hand, Instagram makes it easy to share a Story you’re tagged in.  

Here’s how to share a Story you’re tagged in:

  • The post will show up in your direct messages if they mention you;
  • On Stories that can be shared, tap the prompt that reads “Add this to your Story.” You’ll be redirected to the screen where you create stories;
  • You can alter the Story’s size and include objects in the background.

Repost from Instagram Story to feed 

Perhaps your Instagram Story gained many engagements, and you believe it will perform well as an in-feed post. Then you can convert your Story into in-feed content.

  • Choose the Story you wish to share;
  • Choose “Share as Post“;
  • You’ll be taken to a page where you can craft a new post.

Best Practices for Regramming

Now that you understand how to repost on Instagram, let’s review some recommended practices. Reposting anything without obtaining permission from the post’s owner and giving credit is not advisable. 

When regramming, these are some excellent practices to follow:

1. Request permission and give credit

The original poster is the image’s rightful owner, per Instagram’s guidelines. And you’d be breaking this policy by using their image without their consent.

You can request consent in the following ways:

  • You can request consent in the comment section if you wish to regram a particular post.
  • Additionally, you may DM the original photographer.

2. Don’t stray from the photographer’s vision

Keeping true to the original photographer means you should limit the number of adjustments you make. Try not to edit or use filters that detract from the main post. Take note of the owner’s caption as well. 

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Don’t just take the post and write a caption about your impending sale if the original poster wrote a caption to complement the image emotionally.

3. Maintain brand consistency

The content you repost should be consistent with your brand. For instance, you wouldn’t want to repost something red if your brand colour is brown and it frequently appears in your account’s feed.

Ensure the original caption accurately represents your brand’s voice when using quotes from the captions. 


While regramming requires effort, it is an excellent way to increase interaction. It is an essential component of any Instagram marketing strategy. Always ask permission before reposting, and remember to give credit. You’re well on your way to efficiently regramming if you follow the tips in this article.