Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms worldwide. It offers users a wide range of exciting features, such as Instagram Reels. 

With the Reel feature, you have a fantastic opportunity to highlight your abilities, marketing message, brand quality, and even your professional image. 

instagram reels hooks

The more people who view your Reel, the more opportunities you’ll have to connect with users on Instagram, develop a stronger relationship with them and grow your Instagram following. 

But to keep them watching, you’ll need a few things: good hooks for Instagram Reels, a compelling reason to keep watching, and finally, a means to connect positively. 

In this article, we’ll show you how using some simple yet creative Instagram Reels hooks can make you stand out from the crowd. 

What Is a Hook on Instagram Reels? 

Instagram Reel hooks draw viewers in, pique their curiosity, and encourage interaction. It is a vital element in your Instagram post to prevent viewers from scrolling past and sparking an interest that gives them the nudge to keep watching. 

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In addition to simply viewing it, it engages consumers with your content and motivates them to invest their time and money in your brand and product. 

An immediate attention-getter is referred to as a hook because it is the process of using the right words at the beginning of a caption to hook your target audience to continue watching. Since Instagram prefers videos that are seen entirely, hooks appearing within the first three seconds of videos are your best bet to achieve it. 

How Do Reels go Viral? 

Instagram has emerged as one of the most popular social networks for both regular content and digital advertising, and Reels are one of the platform’s most recent developments.

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Many businesses aspire to know how to trend on Instagram Reels because it opens doors to the public by providing significant exposure to their brands. Instagram Reels can spread like wildfire. Here’re some strategies you can use to achieve it:

Concentrate on a specific niche or topic 

Finding certain content and posting about it frequently on Instagram is one of the strategies to increase followers and become viral on the platform.

Because Instagram’s algorithm uses machine learning, it will display your post to users who have previously expressed interest in the subject of your post. Selecting a themed speciality is crucial to drawing in a particular demographic.

Promote your content with hashtags 

In an Instagram Reel, you should include hashtags since they are essential to every post. Using the right hashtags in your Reels boosts engagement and makes sure that they show up in your audience’s search results. Additionally, avoid utilizing hashtags that are rarely used because it is likely that not many people are interested in them. 

Put a catchy hook in there

Since thousands of Reels are published daily, content must be genuinely entertaining and intriguing to go viral. Add a distinctive personal touch to your content to make it stand out if you want to be noticed. 

You must demonstrate this peculiarity immediately because the opening few seconds of the video are significant for drawing the audience’s attention.

Add trendy music 

trendy music for instagram reels hooks

Utilising catchy/trendy songs lets your reel go viral. But if the music you want to use isn’t offered by Instagram music, you can distribute it to Instagram using Ditto Music

20 Instagram Reel Hook Ideas 

instagram reels hooks ideas

“New content/updates”

It is best to hook your target audience to view your Instagram Reels by utilising this strategy as a camouflage, notifying them of your recent post, so it stays fresh in their minds! 

“New trends alert”

You inform your audience of your daily posts using this hook. 

“You’re doing this wrong!” 

Example: Your Instagram Reels hooks are not good enough. Try these instead!

“Top 5 tools/recommendations”

By incorporating this niche expertise into your Reels, share information or problems unique to you and your industry. 


instagram reels hooks giveaway

Everyone wants a chance to win or receive something for free. So, to entice viewers to keep watching, start your Instagram clip with a giveaway or contest. 

“3 quick hacks”

Example: “3 quick hacks to get rid of bedbugs” 

“Do not try this at home” 

Natural curiosity exists in every human mind. Everyone who sees a post like that will be compelled to learn more about it as a result of the way you started your Reels.

“Beware of these three things” 

It is educational and life-threatening, so it tends to coerce the audience to watch till the very end of the reel. 

“How my life changed” 

This story must be unique, emotional, and relevant to your business and product. Examples: “how my life changed after using Eve Lom’s body lotion.” 

“How to…”

instagram reels hooks how to

Tell the audience what they will learn from your reel before you reveal your expertise. 

“3 challenging lessons I discovered”

Consider the learning curve unique to your company’s growth while being vulnerable. 

“Don’t begin your day without….”

One of the best hooks for Instagram Reels is this, and it’s a terrific technique to keep your viewers engaged, whether you’re offering a day-in-the-life guide or an industry-specific tip. 

“Five actions you can do right now to improve….”

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about brand growth or mental health; by including “right now,” the reel conveys a sense of urgency that will engage viewers. 

“You need this” 

With this hook, your audience will undoubtedly be interested in whatever you’re plugging.

“Wait till the end”

This is one of the Instagram reel hook examples that compels your viewers to watch till the end of the reel to discover the big reveal. 

“Stop using”

Examples: Stop using charcoal paste for your teeth. Use this instead!

“How I went from… to….”

It starts with a downline and proceeds to something better; It can be your personal growth or the evolution of your business! 

“A tutorial on….”

Example: A tutorial on getting a healthy lifestyle. 

“This is how I….”

It enchants the viewers immediately because it shows how you achieved something they seemed was impossible. Example: This is how I got admission to my dream school.

“Try this new”

Example: Try this new dating app.


You’ve learned the fundamentals of creating good Instagram Reels hooks, and you can see that it’s not as hard as you thought. So, now you can give yourself a little push in the right direction and start going after your objectives.

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To help you out, we’ve put together a list of some great tips and tricks to get your audience’s attention and glue them to their screen by utilising special hooks. Remember, it’s not just about the quality of your content; it’s also about connecting with a community. 

Whenever you post a new video on Instagram Reels, use these hooks to communicate with everyone interested in your product and brand!