This post is a part of our monthly social media updates and news series, where you can quickly scan through quick recaps of all the changes that took place in recent months.

Without further ado, let’s see how social media platforms surprised us this month.

September 2021 social media updates

Clubhouse’s social media updates

The new ‘Wave’ option in Clubhouse prompts spontaneous group chats.

The Clubhouse has introduced a new ‘Wave’ option that allows you to alert your friends when you’re active in the app and ready to talk. Then, if they’re interested, you can create a smaller, private room – a broom closet.

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LinkedIn’s social media updates

LinkedIn Learning adds new live-stream events and compiles a list of the most popular courses in 2021 so far. LinkedIn Learning teachers will soon be able to lead live events on the site, thanks to a new tool called ‘Office Hours.’

According to LinkedIn, the option will provide teachers additional opportunities to participate in the growing creative economy.

LinkedIn Expands Professional ‘Learning Hub’ to More Users, Offering Free Access to 40 Popular Courses

LinkedIn aims to expand its professional education footprint once further with the growth of its Learning Hub. This feature was launched in beta in April.

The Learning Hub helps companies offer professional development opportunities to their workers by using LinkedIn’s data insights.

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LinkedIn’s ‘Dark Mode’ is now available on mobile and desktop

The platform has finally joined the dark mode bandwagon, introducing the alternative display option in its mobile and desktop apps.

The latest dark mode adds a distinct colour palette to the app. So this feature makes it easier on the eyes in low-light conditions.

Facebook’s social media updates

Facebook has released a comprehensive and updated summary of its verification policy, including who qualifies for the blue checkmark in its applications.

You need more than a large following. But you also need a degree of social media presence or status, which Facebook’s evaluation team may examine to see whether you’re eligible for the tick.

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Facebook has announced new deals that will allow gaming streamers to include popular music in their broadcasts.

The platform confirmed that it had reached new agreements with several music publishers. So it will allow Facebook Gaming broadcasters to use popular music in their broadcasts.

Facebook Showcases New Smart Glasses Ahead of Their Initial Release This Week

In collaboration with Ray-Ban, Facebook is ready to make its first venture into wearables, with the first version of its smart glasses due to being launched.

What is going on with Instagram?

Instagram is stepping up its in-stream commerce efforts by introducing a new ’10 Days of Live Shopping’ event. Therefore in this event, followers will see a number of celebrities live-stream product releases in the app, demonstrating the power of live-stream shopping for engaging with Instagram’s audience.

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Instagram is experimenting with a new ‘Montage’ feature that will convert stories into reels

The most recent update on Instagram is a new ‘Montage’ option. This option allows users to turn their Instagram Stories frames into short Reels video snippets and is being evaluated internally.

Pinterest is trying to catch up

Pinterest is experimenting with a new full-screen, vertical scrolling pin discovery feed. It hasn’t revealed any information about the test, such as how many people view the Watch stream. However, it seems like TikTok’s success is driving even more UX options in other applications, as platforms seek to align with new user patterns and increase engagement.

Major news from Twitter

The platform has officially introduced its new ‘Super Follow’ option. So this option allows chosen US artists to charge a monthly subscription for exclusive, additional tweet content for their most ardent followers.


Twitter Provides Insights Into Fall’s Rising Topic Trends

According to Twitter’s newest statistics of conversation patterns, people are increasingly discussing the return to school or the NFL’s comeback for the 2021-22 season.

On iOS, Twitter has launched a test of full-width images and videos

Twitter has begun a live test of its new, full-width visual display for tweets in-stream. In this view, sent pictures, GIFs, and videos take up more of the tweet view and eliminate the existing display’s rounded edges.

In Turkey, Twitter has launched a live test of Tweet Reactions

Twitter has begun a live test of tweet responses in Turkey, with the message above urging users to ‘long press Like to let us know what you genuinely think.’

Snapchat’s attempts to boost engagements

Snapchat has added a new birthday reminder feature to help with engagement. 

With a new ‘Birthdays Mini’ reminder feature, Snapchat has introduced a new method to remember friends’ birthdays and share celebrations inside the app.

What’s up with Whatsapp?

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WhatsApp Adds Encryption to Chat Backups, Closing a Security Gap in the App

The existing backup solutions, which depend on third-party providers, compromise the overall security of WhatsApp conversations, a flaw that Facebook is working to address. This will undoubtedly irritate many groups who have expressed their objections to Facebook’s chat services being more restricted.

WhatsApp launches a test of an in-app business directory, allowing users to discover new businesses

Users will be able to tap on ‘Businesses Nearby’ in their WhatsApp contact list. As a result, it will bring up a list of active local business profiles on the app. In addition, users will be able to tap through to see the company’s complete profile, allowing companies to display their goods and facilitate direct interaction.

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A small but important move of YouTube

YouTube wants to make it easier for more creators to connect with their channel visitors by extending access to its Community posts feature. So this feature gives them another opportunity to interact and share with their followers inside the app.

TikTok doesn’t stop

With September being the month of significant fashion events, TikTok has launched a new #TikTokFashionMonth initiative. So this will feature a variety of fashion influencers on the app and see the platform host an array of live streams and events based on community interests.

Tiktok social media updates March 2021

At the TikTok World Event, TikTok announced new advertising and branded content partnership options

TikTok hosted its first-ever TikTok World business showcase event. It revealed several new tools and choices aimed at helping businesses make the most of the platform. In other words, they are presenting a better picture of how TikTok will monetise its now billion-plus audience and help artists earn money.