Hashtags are one of the most popular marketing strategies used to promote a brand. They usually serve the audience and define content. Every platform or social media network has its own approach to hashtags. Today, we’ll elaborate on Instagram hashtags and try to touch on all the crucial issues you need to keep in mind.

Instagram hashtags

A little about the history of hashtags

The hashtag symbol, which has been used for particular keywords in information technology and computing since the 1970s, is said to have first appeared on the IRC – Internet Relay Chat platform in 1988. However, the first hashtag in the sources is related to the “Barcamp” campaign in 2007.

Instagram hashtags

It has been widely used on Twitter since 2011 and later on the Instagram platform (still in use). So, hashtags have become an integral part of social networks.

A hashtag game on Instagram

Hashtags have a remarkable effect so that people can find a specific group of information, and brands can promote their products to the targeted audience around particular themes.

That’s why you can make small games about using hashtags without tiring your audience. How? Here’re a few ways:

  • Use hashtags in the post or comments section. (You can use as many hashtags as you want without exceeding the 30 hashtags limit.)
  • Use hashtags that suit your content.
  • Don’t write a few words in a row and use them as hashtags.
  • Don’t use unrelated and repetitive hashtags.
  • Add a gif or any function from Instagram story functions to hide the hashtags you use in the Stories.

The effect of hashtags on reach and engagement 

Every digital marketing specialist knows how important hashtags are for their social media strategy. They utilise hashtags to reach more people and be explored by users worldwide.

Properly written content containing related hashtags is a great way to reach your target audience. Additionally, the organic reach will also create more engagement in your posts.

And the best part?

A well-crafted hashtag strategy will constantly attract a new audience. For free.

Statistics of Instagram hashtags

According to the statistics determined by A/B tests, Instagram posts including hashtags receive 12.6% more engagements than those without hashtags. In addition, the hashtags in the caption attract 29% more engagements than the ones in the comments. 

A maximum usage limit for hashtags is 10 in stories and 30 in posts and live streams. Note that these hashtags are only effective on public profiles, meaning that if your profile is closed, even if you use hashtags, your posts will not appear publicly.

Hashtag categories

Depending on the theme and context, you should use various hashtags. So it can be very diversified, but we have created three general categories, and we believe all hashtags can be attributed to them.

Daily hashtags

Some hashtags are so frequently used that they’re the ones coming to our minds first.

For example, hashtags such as #beauty or #summertime fall into this category.

Campaign or brand hashtags

These are hashtags created by brands to build awareness around specific campaigns. They help spread the campaign and promote the brand.

You can inform your followers about your hashtags by highlighting them in your Instagram post captions and Stories. In addition to collecting user-generated content, you can also create a contest using hashtags.

Abbreviated hashtags

The lifespan of hashtags made up of 3-4 or more words and phrases is not very long. For this reason, we can remember the abbreviation of hashtags as one of the most beautiful inventions in this space.

It’s simply shortening long words while using them inside hashtags. Let’s look at a straightforward example: The #tbt hashtag.

As you probably know, we use it instead of #ThrowbackThursday, and it’s one of those hashtags we encounter at least once a day.

Match the trending hashtags to your brand

As a marketer or business owner, utilising trend hashtags for your brand is one of your most important responsibilities. But what should you do about this?

Instagram hashtags

Recognise your target audience and choose appropriate hashtags

The first thing you need to do in this regard is to understand your target audience, find the hashtags they are looking for, and use them in a relevant way to your brand. 

Throwing random hashtags at the end of your Instagram posts will not increase your audience. Instead, find out what hashtags your audience is using. 

And here’s the kicker:

Instagram’s search engine can give you more information about which hashtags people follow.

It is time for SWOT analysis

Another effective method is doing market research and getting to know your competitors to find the hashtags you need

Follow your opponents’ whims, but don’t imitate them. That is not to say that they’re constantly using the right strategy. Instead, determine the best way for your business.

Popular hashtags

First of all, it should be noted that searching and selecting popular and valuable hashtags is not an easy procedure.

Instagram hashtags

You can find them by searching for hashtags on Instagram.

However, if you’re looking for a ready list of the most used hashtags, choose among the ones below:

Daily hashtags

  1. #love
  2. #instagood 
  3. #happy 
  4. #follow
  5. #tbt 
  6. #igers
  7. #dog
  8. #instamood
  9. #motivation
  10. #instagram
  11. #Inspiration
  12. #repost
  13. #instadaily
  14. #selfie
  15. #me
  16. #friends
  17. #friendship
  18. #food
  19. #fun
  20. #instalike
  21. #smile
  22. #family
  23. #life
  24. #music

Photography hashtags

  1. #photooftheday 
  2. #photography 
  3. #picoftheday 
  4. #foodporn
  5. #foodphotography
  6. #photo

Beauty hashtags

  1. #natural
  2. #cute 
  3. #beautiful 
  4. #fitness
  5. #girl
  6. #beauty
  7. #makeup
  8. #amazing
  9. #nofilter
  10. #model

Travel hashtags

  1. #travel 
  2. #Travelling
  3. #TravelBlogger
  4. #Traveler
  5. #Traveller
  6. #Travelingram
  7. #TravelTheWorld
  8. #Nature
  9. #Beach
  10. #Holiday
  11. #Wanderlust
  12. #Tourism
  13. #Explore
  14. #NaturePhotography
  15. #InstaTravel
  16. #beach
  17. #summer
  18. #sunset

Fashion hashtags

  1. #fashion 
  2. #fashionable 
  3. #FashionWeek
  4. #Fashionable
  5. #FashionStyle 
  6. #FashionBlog
  7. #InstaFashion
  8. #art 
  9. #style

Remember that the most popular hashtags are not always the most effective. What you need to do is not choose the most popular ones (in this case, a lot of spam is waiting for you, along with many followers.) The goal of your brand is to choose the hashtags that suit your audience’s interests.