Every day, 500 million people access Instagram stories. That implies that businesses have a real chance to profit from Instagram stories. Additionally, companies may use Instagram stories as a fun platform to interact with their followers and post quick-to-create content.

instagram story ideas

Although you can use your Instagram Story to post unfiltered, in-the-moment pictures and videos, your audience might find it repetitive. Planning and creativity are required if you want to use Instagram Stories to keep your audience engaged.

This strategy includes more than just making beautiful Instagram Stories; it also includes keeping the content vibrant, fun, and engaging. Here are ten Instagram Story ideas to help you create high-quality, compelling content to increase your views and engagement.  

Instagram Story Ideas for Fun

Who doesn’t enjoy a good time? You could brighten your audience’s mood by involving them in a fun activity on Instagram. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity:

instagram story ideas

Create Instagram polls 

Polls, which give users the choice of a few answers, are a terrific strategy to keep your audience interested in your Instagram Story. Create engaging polls and use the results to understand your audience better.

If you’re out of Instagram Story ideas for content, create polls for your audience to find out which content they prefer. Ask them to vote on what they want to see from you more, for instance. Additionally, you may ask them to vote for or against the new type of content you’re testing. 

Another excellent strategy to determine consumer demand is through polls. What do you need to help your audience with? What are they looking for, exactly? Do they need anything? How popular is one product in comparison to others? Create polls on your Story frequently to learn what your audience wants.

instagram story ideas polls
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Use fun stickers to promote a discount.

Instagram Stories are a good tool for businesses and brands to share deals or promotions. Even if you are already doing this, you can get more creative by adding a fun sticker to make the offer stand out. Stickers that are animated stand out and draw attention to the sale.

Even better, you can include a sticker showing the remaining time in your sale. This idea is the ideal way to give your Story some urgency and encourage more people to take advantage of the offer before it expires.

Share a competition or a challenge

Offering people the chance to receive rewards is an excellent way to grab their attention. Because of this, your Instagram Stories should frequently feature challenges and contests.

Use your Stories to invite your followers to take part in a competition. You may provide a worthwhile incentive to promote better participation, such as a gift card or a free membership.

Instagram Story Ideas Questions

Another fun Instagram Story tactic to help you connect with your audience and increase engagement is asking them questions.

instagram story ideas questions

Here are some ways you could do this: 

Encourage people to ask questions.

There are many features on Instagram Stories that promote audience interaction. The Questions sticker allows you to gather inquiries from your followers and respond to them publicly. You may answer frequently asked questions through entertaining, interactive sessions and better inform your audience. 

Make a fun quiz.

Use a quiz sticker to quiz your loyal followers and generate worthwhile engagement by asking them questions about your company. In addition to giving us all a serotonin boost when we successfully answer a question, it’s a fun way for your audience to engage with you as a creator.

Use emoji sliders to gather feedback.

instagram story ideas feedback

It is essential to obtain feedback from your audience to improve your work or release a new product. Doing this might assist you in determining whether your audience enjoys your work, how interested they are in a new release, or how interested they are in your product. Additionally, you can strengthen your relationship with your followers by involving them in your business or creative process.

Other Instagram Story Ideas That Help Boost Engagement

These are fantastic Instagram Story ideas for personal accounts (also for business accounts). So, if you want to connect with your customers or friends, try some of these engagement-boosting ideas.

Count down to an important event

Use the countdown sticker to create excitement before a big event, such as a sale, a product release, or an Instagram Live session. To receive a notification as soon as the event goes live, your followers can click the timer and set a reminder. 

This is an excellent way to increase participation and get your audience pumped up about an upcoming event. You can also use this tactic as one of your Instagram birthday Story ideas.

instagram story ideas

Share posts/stories that mention you

When another Instagram account mentions yours, it builds your reputation and acts as social evidence for your business. It demonstrates to your audience that you are being mentioned and recognised by others. 

In other scenarios, it indicates to your audience that others are endorsing you, which can foster trust. Therefore, try reposting mentions on Instagram from a client, influencer, or company in your Instagram Story as often as possible. 

Put your customers in the spotlight.

Instagram Stories are designed to improve audience engagement. And what better way to engage people than by highlighting them? Share great posts, comments, and Stories from your customers using Instagram Stories. 

You may also include testimonials and before-and-after images in your Stories. This kind of user-generated content provides social proof to catch the interest of potential clients while also making loyal customers feel valued.

Share eye-catching shopping ideas

You can encourage people to shop with you by using your Instagram Story as a tool. To draw followers, post captivating images of your products in real-life environments. It could well as part of your Instagram story ideas for photos.

instagram story ideas

You may persuade your consumers to purchase an item by sharing pictures of your interior decor items in a spotlessly clean home, outfits worn by a style icon, or kitchen tools featured in a cooking recipe video, for example. 

Create Instagram Stories to Keep Your Audience Engaged

Using interactive stickers or sharing content that your audience can identify with are just two of the many innovative ways you can use Instagram Stories to engage your audience. 

Start sharing Instagram Stories that your followers might be interested in by drawing inspiration from the suggestions above. To keep organised, you can prepare your content for the entire month and schedule your Instagram Stories in advance.