There is tons of data demonstrating the effectiveness of a video format on social media platforms. We might say that this is thanks to the power of short, around 15-second videos. Indeed, those mini videos fill the day of bored viewers looking for a quick amusement. Unquestionably, this especially resonates with Gen Z.

Hands holding the abbreviation Gen Z

Around 60% of people prefer watching videos online rather than on TV.  Furthermore, social videos are shared more than text and images together. Can you guess how much more? 1200%.

Following the success of video content, social media sites are making videos part of their enhancement strategy, including LinkedIn. As a result, LinkedIn notes 50% growth in its view rates daily, thanks to videos.

Roll up your sleeves and create LinkedIn Videos 

LinkedIn videos are becoming increasingly creative as the site adds tools to tailor those to the users’ needs and vision. 

Besides, do you know the difference between embedded and native videos? Embedded videos are those uploaded to Youtube or elsewhere and then shared on LinkedIn.

However, if you want to grab more attention and get a higher reach, think of sticking to native LinkedIn videos. These videos can be either uploaded to the platform directly or created on it.  Remember that LinkedIn native videos autoplay in the feed and can be maximum of 10 minutes long.

Unfortunately, the native LinkedIn video does not allow setting your thumbnails, but it’ll be your first frame.

Several options to share videos

Let’s say you have a perfect video that you would like to upload on LinkedIn. The next question is “how to share?”. 

You can share a video; 

  • in your post
  • as a video story
  • in an article.

Linkedin videos

To share a video in your post, go to your feed. Then, at the “Start a post” command line, click on “Video”. Subsequently, you will be directed to your gallery on your mobile phone or desktop computer accordingly.  

Writing an article with a video is another creative option. Clicking on the “Write article” will take you to Linkedin Publisher. From there, you should click on a small sign shown below to add media to your post, including video. 

Linkedin videos

Let’s look at sharing a video in LinkedIn stories. A story is active during a 24-hour timespan. Ah, yes, you can post stories only through the mobile app, the same as LinkedIn Cover, that we will discuss below. 

  • Go to the Story section in your feed;
  • Then tap on the “plus” sign next to your profile image;
  • Click on the “Gallery” icon to upload an already saved media;
  • Or press on the “Camera” icon to capture a media directly from your camera;
  • You can add text, hashtags, stickers or mentions to your story;
  • Be aware of your text’s size;
  • Finally, click on “Share”.

Linkedin videos

Did you know that LinkedIn allows its users to bring their professional message upfront with the help of “LinkedIn Cover”? This 30 seconds video is otherwise called a personalised “hello”. It aims to help you introduce yourself, tell your parkour, and offer your service. 

Here’s how it works:

Go to “View profile” and click on the profile photo, and you will see a pop-up menu like in the image below. Then, record or upload a cover video from your gallery. 

Linkedin videos cover

Linkedin Live

Linkedin Live video helps to appeal to your professional audience interactively. While broadcasting live, you get increased reactions and comments compared to regular videos. To go live on LinkedIn, you will need to use a third-party tool and meet several criteria.

But wait, let me tell you something:

LinkedIn is not Instagram, so plan your live broadcast accordingly. A few tips you can use to boost your LinkedIn Live videos’ performance:

  • Look professional;
  • Stick to vertical video layout for mobile viewing;
  • Keep camera steady;
  • Use microphones to ensure clear sound;
  • Look into adding subtitles.

Here is an idea for you to use while going live on LinkedIn – sharing pillar content. Pillar content covers all aspects of your business. You can boost your content strategy by creating consistent and good quality pillar content. 

So why not share it in the live LinkedIn video? LinkedIn lives are recorded. And it allows you to attract higher engagement and highlight your services with a handy video. 

Starting LinkedIn Video Ad campaign 

LinkedIn video ad campaign allows you to showcase sponsored company videos on the feed. On the other hand, this campaign is a great tool to increase brand awareness and generate a higher number of leads as it’s typically addressed to a targeted audience. Company page admins can create a video ad campaign through Campaign Manager or via sponsoring an existing post.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager is a tool that assists users in creating, launching ad campaigns and assess their performance. 

To start a LinkedIn video ad campaign:

  • Log in to Campaign manager;
  • Choose “Sponsored Content”;
  • Then define a title;
  • Pick your main objective: get video views, collect leads or increase website visits;
  • Choose “video” as a format for your ad and tap “next”;
    Linkedin videos
  • After that, click Create new video;
  • Fill the form, upload your video and tap “save”;
  • Tick on the “video” by clicking the checkbox next to it → “next”;
  • Pick your target audience criteria and → “next”;
  • Eventually, set up your bid, the duration for your campaign, budget, and → Launch Campaign.

Don’t forget to consider the specs of the LinkedIn Video Ads.

Getting higher engagements with the campaign 

Here’s all you have to do to enhance your engagements with your LinkedIn video ad campaign:

  1. Pay attention to the quality of your video, camera positioning, and your body language.
  2. Think of capturing attention from the start, adding captions, and sticking to the optimal length, around 30 to 90 seconds.
  3. Close up with an inspiring CTA.
  4. Don’t forget a supporting copy of the campaign and follow up with your audience!

Linkedin videos b2b length

When professionals become creative

Some think that the business community is boring. But, on the contrary, businesses have to constantly adjust, especially as Gen Z becomes the primary audience. Accordingly, LinkedIn videos allow getting closer both to businesses and consumers. So, think of creative ways to use it. Here are some examples:

  • Share daily insight into your business and work routine;
  • Shoot professional videos and upload them to LinkedIn
  • Videos are an excellent tool for your business coaching;
  • Spell out your resume through LinkedIn covers;
  • And many more options that depend just on your vision and creativity.

To conclude, the rivalry between social media sites continues to rise. They start adopting the best practices from each other. At one point, you might think that those are all similar. 

Meanwhile, the audience you are targeting is what matters. LinkedIn is the service that managed to hold together the business community, and it is worth using if you want to promote your product. 

At last, if you think you need help with LinkedIn, 50 Pound Social can boost your presence with effective social media management.