If you want to ask for a pen in French, you can use the words “un stylo” or “un bic”. It might sound surprising, but the latter comes from a famous pen producer company with the same name. 

bic pen

We use so many brand names in our daily lives when we actually want to mention products they’re producing. Among some examples, we can recall “Xerox”, “Pampers”, “Aspirin”, “Jeep”, and others. This process of generalising the brand’s name is called product eponym. It is the core element when it comes to the brand awareness process overall. 

But, what is brand awareness? It’s how much customers can recognise or recall a brand under various conditions.

Through years of efforts, some brands have managed to become a part of our lives. Thanks to sticky TV commercials, billboards, and other means, those popular companies have been literally everywhere.

And now, with the popularisation of social media, it has become even easier to reach out to people. Imagine you get access to more than half of the world’s population.

However, it also got more challenging due to the plurality of brands and fierce competition. So you need to be smart while using social media to raise your brand awareness. 


That is exactly what we’re covering today.

1. Research the market

Before going into the realm of your brand promotion, make sure you know your product well. It’s evident that some brands are giants of the market and sweep the biggest share of consumer attention. However, it doesn’t mean small businesses have no place in the market.

social media brand awareness nike coca cola mcd

Before the launch, you should know your future audience, their tastes, and what kind of product they need. 

Subsequently, that will help you adapt the features and qualities of your brand to your audience and set your expectations right. Additionally, you will find your niche, regardless of your business’s size. 

Nowadays, the internet provides a range of opportunities to assess consumer behaviour and preferences.

Let me give you some examples:

  • Google ecosystem tools such as Google Keywords and Google Trends to see consumer preferences and searches;
  • Kickstarter campaign, where, among others, you can measure the interest in your product;
  • Analyse competitors through their social media profiles;

But, there is more:

Dive into online platforms like Qualaroo, Attest and Remesh for built-in analytical features and in-depth research.

2. Engaging content benefits all sides

Here comes the best part of the whole process of social media brand awareness enhancement

And you know why?

Simply because we have already created a mega-super product and now are thinking about raising awareness through social media.

Social media provides tremendous opportunities to promote your brand. For example, in a few clicks, your products get a chance of being exposed to around 4.5 billion social media users.

But as easy it is to showcase something to half of the global population, it is also easy to become lost in this crowd. 

To make your content engaging, use images, videos, reels, organise contests and many more. Opportunities on social media are limitless.

3. Use humour 

I bet everyone is looking for something amusing and relaxing after a tiring working day. This time frame is when the businesses should aim at grabbing the attention of possible clients through homourous content. 

4. Collaboration

Alongside technical features, social media apps allow you to work with influencers and collaborate with other brands.

influencer marketing social media brand awareness

Picture this:

Through the collaboration, you get easier access to influencers’ huge follower base who will act according to their social idol’s advice.

5. Tags & hashtags

Oh, and don’t undermine or forget tagging and hashtagging. Look for relevant and popular hashtags to follow the trends. Creating your own unique hashtags for your products or campaigns and spreading and promoting them across platforms is also an alternative way.

hashtags social media brand awareness

6. Interact before they go

As we touched upon collaborations and creating your hashtags, no other time would be better to talk about organising giveaways. 

social media brand awareness giveaways

Giveaways, one of the must-dos for higher social media brand awareness, allow you to spend less than what you would pay for ads. If wisely planned, a giveaway also helps you to increase the number of followers. For more in-depth guidance, you’re always welcome to check out our ultimate giveaway guide.

Quality interaction with your followers is a must to gain a loyal consumer base. So never undermine any feedback. You can also create community groups on social media for higher engagement.

7. Engage across multiple social media platforms 

Instagram and Facebook are not the only places you can build awareness for your brand.

Think of going across different platforms. For example, via TikTok, you reach out to GenZ. LinkedIn will help you to gain access to a more professional layer of the community. On the other hand, email marketing will help you find bigger fish in the sea and gradually warm them up.

However, you should be cautious, as different platforms require various types of content. Like, a fun dancing video uploaded on LinkedIn will undermine your professionalism. But, on the other hand, it will very well impact your activity on TikTok.

Just a tiny tip: People at LinkedIn and Twitter love infographics. Consider this while creating your content calendar.

8. Social media brand awareness agency

You probably know the aphorism which goes like “time is money”. Indeed, time is the most scarce resource we all have primarily been undermining.

social media agency

But, here is the thing:

Imagine how much you can achieve by delegating some of your daily tasks to professionals. I say professionals, not just random relatives. Nowadays, the internet allows us to find specialists that would help and even outperform us in almost any process.

In this regard, Fiverr, Upwork or LinkedIn might come to your aid.

But if you want only one agency to handle all your social media needs, we at 50 Pound Social are always ready to help.

To conclude, social media brand awareness enhancement is so crucial that you need to focus on today. It might look sophisticated as a process, but believe me, you will learn as you go.