About us

I’ve launched two businesses in the past myself and running them simultaneously, while having other commitments, is hard work. There’s so much graft involved in getting a small business off the ground, especially on a tight budget. There’s also a lot that business owners simply have to do in this modern age to interact with their customers. This particularly includes social media. It’s a great medium for connecting with customers but is very time consuming and I quickly found it to be eating up valuable time that I could have spent on growing my businesses. I searched around for social media management agencies to help manage my work load but the prices I was being quoted were, frankly, excessive. Spending £1000s per month on social media simply isn’t viable for most small businesses.

Therefore, I decided to launch 50 Pound Social. It’s designed to be very affordable means of managing social media for small businesses, providing daily content updates for their social media pages.

As we expand, we are launching more and more services. We can manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn pages and are looking at ways to incorporate managing other social networks. Alongside our core daily posting service, we offer many complimentary services like Facebook Ads management, as well as standalone services like community management. More information on our other services can be found here.

Jack MacHugh