The rise of social media has led to significant changes in the recruitment industry. A recent survey found that more than 86% of job seekers worldwide use social media as their primary source of job leads. 

While some organisations in the UK might be able to ignore these statistics, recruitment agencies and consultants cannot. These businesses depend on employees and employers, and social platforms present a rare opportunity to build relationships with potential candidates.

social media strategy for recruitment

In this article, we’ll discuss how recruitment agencies and consultants can use social media to connect with potential clients, advertise job openings, and provide best practices for creating an effective social media strategy.

What Are the Best Social Networks for Developing a Successful Social Media Strategy for Recruitment Agencies?

Social media recruiters have an unmatched ability to network and connect with potential prospects – helping them locate the best talent faster. 

While there are many social networks for recruiters, these are some of the best social media platforms for recruitment, according to a Job Vite survey:

social media strategy for recruitment


LinkedIn is said to be the world’s largest business-oriented social platform because of its unique features and benefits. According to the data provided by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), LinkedIn is the key medium for recruiters, with 95% using it to source candidates. 

This is due to its vast database, extensive information about potential human resources, and good analytics. It also lets recruiters concentrate on talent acquisition and make accurate hiring decisions.


Twitter is one of the best social media recruiting tools. It helps recruiters establish an online presence and reach many qualified applicants. Also, recruiters can quickly identify talented people by following relevant accounts and using hashtags and keywords. 

It’s also common knowledge that hashtags let you participate actively in Twitter conversations. Therefore, using popular hashtags in your job posting can help boost visibility. Use hashtags like #NewYork or #Oklahoma, which could draw prospects from the areas you want to hire.

But to get the most out of this social network as a recruiter, you must conduct thorough research. Otherwise, you may not reach your target audience.


Facebook is one of the oldest and most popular social networking sites still in use today. It has flourished in the social realm as a convenient way to interact with loved ones and create personal ties with strangers. 

According to the Job Vite survey, Facebook is the second best platform to source high-quality candidates. And about 68% of recruiters admit to using Facebook for social media recruiting.

Therefore, recruitment agencies and consultants should include Facebook in their social media strategy. 

social media strategy for recruitment

What Are The Best Recruitment Campaigns on Social Media?

The following are some of the most effective social media campaigns that have assisted organisations in attracting top talent.

  1. NASA – #BeAnAstronaut: NASA produced a series of videos and posts in which astronauts discussed their jobs and how to become one. The campaign received over a million views and thousands of interactions after sharing across social media channels.
  2. Spotify- #JoinTheBand 

The #JoinTheBand campaign was created to assist Spotify in recruiting new experts to join its team. The ad featured photos, videos, and stories from current Spotify employees and was launched on multiple social media channels, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

The Benefits of Using Social Media For Recruiting 

Social networking has evolved into a vital tool for recruiting companies in their search for qualified applicants. It gives businesses access to a bigger pool of people who may not be looking for work but are open to new options.

Here are some of the advantages of using social media for recruitment agencies:

  • Recruiters may reach a significantly broader audience through social media than traditional recruitment tactics. 
  • Recruiters can readily contact passive applicants through social media.
  • Recruiters can communicate with industry experts, distribute valuable content, and create relationships with potential clients and candidates through social media.
  • Social media can help you save on recruitment fees, advertising, and other associated costs. 
  • Using social media, recruiters can contact potential applicants more personally and dynamically. 

How To Use Social Media For Recruitment

When used appropriately, social media can be an excellent tool for recruiters to identify, engage, and hire quality candidates. However, the following social media recruiting strategy can help recruiters and small businesses improve their recruitment process.

Establish your recruitment objectives.

Which kind of candidate are you seeking, and for what position? Are you looking for a specific skill set, a particular region, or a certain demographic? 

Knowing this information can assist you in targeting the appropriate candidates and developing an effective recruitment agency social media strategy. 

Identify the right platforms. 

Different platforms attract different audiences, so know where to spend your time recruiting. Consider the type of candidates you’re looking for and the networks they’re most likely to be using. 

Create a presence on the right social media platforms. 

After determining the best platform for your recruitment needs, you should establish your presence on the app by posting original content, networking with industry influencers, and providing value to consumers. 

Explain the application procedure.

Having specified guidelines on how interested individuals can apply for job openings will help speed up the hiring process. 

Should Recruitment Agencies and Consultants Outsource Social Media?

With the growing relevance of social media in the recruiting process, many businesses are choosing to outsource the social media aspect of their efforts. 

But should they? The answer is yes and no. 

Social media is an excellent tool for recruiting, but certain portions of it should be kept in-house. For example, agencies and consultants should be able to create and maintain their messaging and branding to guarantee they are sending the most effective messages to potential prospects promptly.

However, outsourcing specific components of social media might be advantageous. For example, agencies and consultants can concentrate on finding and building relationships with fresh talents while a third-party provider handles content creation.  

Social Media Strategy for Recruitment Agencies: Best Practices for 2023

Social media will always be the most effective tool to market your business, network with other experts, and identify qualified candidates for available positions. 

social media strategy for recruitment

However, the following tips will help you succeed in your social media strategy.   

  • Develop your online reputation. 
  • Engage passive candidates through live video streaming.
  • Acknowledge the influence of hashtags. 
  • Utilise paid ads on social media. 

Final Thought

Social media can provide an excellent opportunity for recruitment agencies and consultants to reach potential job seekers and build relationships within the industry. 

By creating an effective social media strategy, they can make their reputation, find top-notch candidates, and gain a competitive edge in the recruitment industry. 

With the right approach, recruitment agencies and consultants can leverage the power of social media to their advantage.