Thanks to social sharing networks, marketing strategies have taken a completely different path in recent years. 

Marketing in social media has an undeniable power in almost any field, which helps you reach a larger group of people, making it easier to increase brand awareness.

Among them all, with its short (280 characters!), thereby more readable content and other significant benefits, Twitter is an irreplaceable tool for a creative strategy. 

But it is not about just tweeting once in a while. You should work very delicately on your Twitter profile to look professional yet not dull.

Wouldn’t it be great if you just knew what to do to scale up your Twitter marketing strategy? If your answer is “yes”, let’s dive in!

Twitter Marketing

Ways to Create a Powerful Twitter Marketing Strategy 

Here are 6 efficient ways to build and ramp up your marketing strategy on Twitter.

Build your profile wisely and creatively: handle, profile picture, bio and so on.


If you aim to create a Twitter profile for your brand, you should choose your handle (username) very carefully, as it is the first thing people need when they search for you. 

The handle should reflect exactly who you are so that other users will find you straightforwardly. For example, @50poundsocial. No spaces, no confusing double letters. 

It should also be unique, so you should avoid additional numbers or letters to distinguish them from other similar (or already taken) handles.


Profile picture: 

Just like the handle, the profile picture also speaks for you; thus, it should be all about your company. Your logo would be the best choice in this case. Here is one of the simple examples:


Twitter Nike


This is the background image on your profile, but less distinguishable. You could choose your logo, the initials of your brand, or your company’s most popular product as a header.


In this section, you can simply write a brief description of your company or choose a humorous line to sound more friendly and fun.

Schedule your posting.

If you are using Twitter for your business, you should follow 3 crucial rules when sharing content:

  1. Posting regularly – This means you should put specific reasonable periods between your tweets and attentively follow them. It will keep your profile alive and maintain a stable interaction.
  2. Posting during peak hours – This one is tricky because the hours people use social platforms, including Twitter, is changeable in different countries. Therefore, you should take your audience into account before posting anything.
  3. Scheduling your tweets beforehand – Once you know what you will post and when you want to do it, you can schedule your tweets in advance. It will save your time and help you build a professional profile more comfortably.

Be creative.

When posting, you should make sure that your content is creative and engaging enough. To achieve that, you can:

Use images or short videos:

It’s not a mystery that people may get bored while reading. Therefore, you can use images or videos to attract their attention. But be careful about the length of the video: videos around 20-45 seconds get the most engagement. The video below by Coca-Cola is a relevant example of that:

Twitter Marketing 101

Use hashtags:

Hashtags not only draw the attention of the users but also help them to find the related posts with ease. However, overuse of them would make your tweets less readable. You can use just a couple of hashtags (2, maybe 3) per tweet and try not to use them all the time.

Twitter Marketing 101

Create polls:

Because people love leaving a comment without actually leaving a comment. Users can hardly pass by a poll without voting. Just one click, and baam!

Schedule chats:

You can host chats on Twitter by scheduling them and posting about them wherever possible in advance. You can choose a topic and have a heated debate or just a friendly conversation about it with your followers. It’ll build the interaction up.

Communicate with your followers.

Yeah, posting creative tweets or fancy videos are cool and all. But have you ever tried to address your followers directly? 

For example, you can retweet some of your followers’ tweets regarding your brand so that they can feel closer to you. This would contribute to the bonding between you and your potential customers. 

Or you can reply to or retweet some mentions in your tweets, especially interesting ones that got many likes. 

Don’t forget the power of ads.

If you don’t have many followers, increasing the number should be the first step for a successful strategy. 

Sounds difficult? It’s not.

Twitter ads are essential to accomplish this goal. Thanks to them, it will be easier to reach more and more people and build brand awareness. All you need to do is to choose an appropriate tweet and promote it.